Stella Bled Lawrence's first adventure through Europe dodging Nazis while protecting The Paris Package

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Teen Fantasy


The Mercy Watts series is a cozy series with lots of laughs and a nerd posse.


U.S.A. Today Bestselling Author

This book will make you view life with different eyes. I wish that the author had continued the series. Youth and adults have a lot to learn about life. This book will jumpstart your enthusiasm. Do yourself a favor. Read it.
The author writes with her usual excellence. The book grips the reader, holding them captive. Reading this is a gift.


Amazon review of A It Started With a Whisper

Away From Whipplethorn is a fantasy series for teen readers who love fairies and action.

The Boys of Summer is a delightfully wicked series about a family of, shall we say, interesting characters.


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Follow Matilda to Italy in the next chapter of her adventure in To The Eternal.

Mercy's Mom is in trouble and Tommy is nowhere to be found.  See Mercy in her latest mystery, Brain Trust.

Young Adult




A.W. Hartoin's

Five stars are not enough! A.W. made Stella and Nicky come alive! As Much as I laugh at Mercy Watts, I cried while reading this book! She made me believe I was there with them. I can not put into words how wonderful this book is! If you haven't read The Mercy Watts Series, you can still read Stella, but it would be better to read Mercy! She will keep you on stitches! I am still hoping Mercy has Bled/Lawrence blood running through her! Wait in on pins and needles for both of these series next books


Amazon review of It The Paris Package